I help modern parents confidently raise their kids.

Some families have a lot of little family issues that are starting to add up to stress, worry, and frustration.

Some families are facing a big challenge – a highly exuberant or aggressive child, a child with a clinical diagnosis, school failure, trauma, bullying, or other stressors.

Some families need information, support, and advice about best practices for parenting.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, from infant to teen, I can help you keep you and your family succeed.

We are all at different points in our parenting journey.

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Parents come to me with a variety of concerns.

Emotional challenges, like tantrums, emotion regulation, and anxiety.

Child behavior issues like aggression, defiance, and sibling rivalry.

Best parenting practices for child-rearing, such as screen time, social media, bedtime, bullying, and school.

Strategies for supporting your child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development.

Stress-related parenting issues, like how to finally find time for yourself.

Parenting during transition or crisis, such as changing schools, divorce, or the death of a loved one.

Best practices for parenting children with clinical diagnoses, like ADHD, anxiety, or depression.

Solutions for practical parenting challenges, like childcare, school selection, and extracurricular activities.

Parent coaching helps you feel calmer, confident, and capable.

We work together to solve them.


Family life will be balanced. The kids will thrive.

One Hour Sessions

Sessions are one hour video conferences. One or both parents is present. Kids are not present – this is special time for just the grown-ups.

Customized to You

Each session is completely customized to you and your family

No Set Amount of Sessions

With no contracts or set-packages, you to get the support you need to reach your personal and goals. And then you get back to spending time with your family.


Unlike approaches to parent coaching that are based in personal opinion, Parent With Science uses evidence-based strategies and interventions to support your family.

Parent coaching at Parent With Science is designed to be fast and effective.

After all, parents are strapped for time!


Happy Clients

- Karla

“Kate is approachable, straightforward, pragmatic and her suggestions are grounded in evidence-based developmental psychology and other best practices.”

- Ryan

“Kate is amazing! The tools she gives you are realistic and easy to implement at home. My kids think they are playing a game, but it really gets them to talk about their feelings and planting the seed as to how to handle future obstacles on their own! Simply amazing!”

- Beth

“Our family dynamic completely changed. Temper tantrums are under control, everybody is sleeping, and we can enjoy family time again. Thanks, Kate!”

- Erica

“With Kate’s support and guidance, our son is doing great in school again.”

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You can still take action today to positively transform your family life.

Check out my online workshops to become a more confident, relaxed parent.

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A well-balanced family life helps children thrive. In this class, you’ll learn clear strategies to successfully set and enforce boundaries. 

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