Hi. I’m Dr. Kate.

I am a developmental psychologist, author, and mom of 2.

This is a community of parents using science to raise healthy, happy children.

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Modern Parenting is hard.

Here is how I help.

Find your people. We are an inclusive community raising awesome kids.

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Dr. Kate distills 100 years of parenting research into 3 actionable strategies to help your family thrive.

With humor, helpful visuals, and real-life examples, this book is a must-have for new and experienced moms looking to reduce stress and raise great kids.

Free Resource

A side-by-side workbook for parents and kids to process emotions about the pandemic.

This book highlights conversations with kids across the U.S. about their experience in the pandemic. Activities, drawings, and guided questions prompt your child to express their feelings about the coronavirus.

Ideal for preschool to 8th grade families.

The Coronavirus Feelings Book Cover

The Coronavirus Feelings Workbook


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All parents need support.

That’s where I come in.

I have spent over 15 years working with children and parents to help parents thrive. I believe that science can help ease the challenges of modern parenting.

I turn research on child development and parenting into practical, real-life solutions.

This isn’t unsolicited stranger advice about parenting. This isn’t judgy people on social media. This isn’t noise about parenting choices that don’t matter. This is honest, straightforward, and true.

This is me, using science, to help you.


With Kate’s support and guidance, our son is doing great in school again.


Our family dynamic completely changed. Temper tantrums are under control, everybody is sleeping, and we can enjoy famiy time again. Thanks, Kate!


Kate’s ability to speak candidly about the ups and downs of parenting is honest and extremely helpful.


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